Migration Assistance: SendFromChina

Send From China, or SFC is one of the most popular eCommerce fulfillment providers with warehouses in mainland China. However, complicated billing, unreliable customer support and lost packages prompt customers to look for alternatives.

SPNS can help seamlessly migrate your products, shippers and eCommerce integrations quickly and stress-free. Find out more below.

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SPNS can provide migration assistance from many popular China fulfillment services. Learn what we can provide, and the reasons why other have chosen to migrate away from the following services.

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Migrating away from SendFromChina

SPNS has assisted many clients migrate from SendFromChina. Customers report their reasons for migration include:

  • Poor customer support
  • Confusing billing
  • Lost packages / no guaranteed delivery
  • Incorrect picks / packs
  • Slow processing
  • Non-managed shipping partners

SPNS can provide the following services to aide migration away from SendFromChina:

Case Study: USBKill.com

"After months of fighting with customer service, lost packages and unpaid 'insurance' - we decided to make the move to SPNS. It was a huge decision: We'd spent thousands of dollars to build our SFC plugins, and our chargeback ratio was almost maxed out due to lost packages. Victor and his team facilitated the stock transfer, and within two days, we were running on the new platform.

SendFromChina didn't even bother to ask us why we'd left.

- Steve, USBKill.com

Migration Negotiation

When you're contemplating changing your eCommerce fulfillment partner - you need a plan and a trusted partner. Unfortunately, many warehouses will hold your stock hostage, creating and expensive, messy situation.
Short of speaking Chinese and moving the stock yourself - client are often stuck.
SPNS is your man on the ground to enable seamless transitions. We have an established relationship with SendFromChina - and are able to facilitate a rapid, stress-free migration.

Stock Extraction

SPNS's warehouses are close to SendFromChina's - we can organise rapid stock transfers. From dozens of products to pallets to container-loads: our team will organise the transport necessary to extract your stock from SendFromChina directly to our warehouses - without delay or expensive third party transporters.

SKU transfer

Before your goods are physically migrated, we will integrate your SKUs into our back-end systems. Before your stock arrives, you will be able to test shipping routes and your ecommerce integrations. When your stock arrives, everything is setup and ready to go.

Shipper Audits

SendFromChina's shipping provider system is incredibly complicated: thousands of shippers listed in a dropdown box. There's no additional information available - selecting shippers is often a painful process of trial and error - which leads to lost parcels, slow deliveries, expensive mistakes and customer complaints.
Don't know the difference between DHL Hong Kong, DHL China and DHL Singapore? DERAM vs DEAM? You shouldn't have to. SPNS individually tailors shipping partners according to your requirements.
We'll examine your products and requirements, and recommend shippers that perfectly match your needs.
It's a totally hands-off process. You should concentrate on your eCommerce business, and we'll take care of the logistics.

eCommerce integration

Warehouse and fulfillment providers are judged by the number of eCommerce platforms that they provide. SFC's integration selection is unstable. Their API documentation is incomplete, and often completely down.
SPNS handles the integration - whatever platform you are on - and connects it to your shippers.
It's a refreshingly hands-off process - allowing you to get back to selling products - instead of hiring developers to accomodate your warehouse.

Stock QC

After any migration, it's very important that all your stock is inspected to ensure that it meets your customer's expectations. Stock quality control is standard of any migration from SendFromChina to SPNS.

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