Migration Assistance: ChinaDivision

ChinaDivision has a strong online presence as a reliable China-based eCommerce fulfillment provider. However, several customers report having stock 'lost' or held hostage when trying to migrate away.

SPNS can help seamlessly migrate your products, shippers and eCommerce integrations quickly and stress-free. Find out more below.

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SPNS can provide migration assistance from many popular China fulfillment services. Learn what we can provide, and the reasons why other have chosen to migrate away from the following services.

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Migrating away from ChinaDivision

SPNS has assisted several clients migrate from ChinaDivision. Customers report their reasons for migration include:

  • Slow order processing
  • Frequent mistakes without compensation
  • Poor customer support

SPNS can provide the following services to aid migration away from China Division:

Case Study: ChinaDivision

"When we announced to ChinaDivision that we wanted to move away - we were told that some of our SKUs were "missing" - and could not be extracted. These were products we were sending out daily - they were refusing to extract stock to keep us a customer. We contacted Victor, who was able to negociate our stock back, and get it safely to SPNS

- Cameron, (site witheld)

Migration Negotiation & Stock Extraction

ChinaDivision has a history of punishing vendors for leaving their services. SPNS has assisted with several complicated migrations, allowing customers to retreive their goods and perform QC on the incoming stock.

If you're feeling stuck with your China warehouse or fulfillment partner - contact us today.

SKU transfer

Before your goods are physically migrated, we will integrate your SKUs into our back-end systems. Before your stock arrives, you will be able to test shipping routes and your ecommerce integrations. When your stock arrives, everything is setup and ready to go.

Shipper Audits

SPNS examines your products and requirements, and recommend shippers that perfectly match your needs.
It's a totally hands-off process. You should concentrate on your eCommerce business, and we'll take care of the logistics.

eCommerce integration

Warehouse and fulfillment providers are judged by the number of eCommerce platforms that they provide. SPNS handles the integration - whatever platform you are on - and connects it to your shippers.
It's a refreshingly hands-off process - allowing you to get back to selling products - instead of hiring developers to accomodate your warehouse.

Stock QC

Many customers have reported that their goods were improperly handled when extracting stock from ChinaDivision - crushed boxes, stained boxes and damaged goods. SPNS will work with you to ensure each and every product is up to the quality that your customers expect.

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  • SKU transfer & setup
  • Stock QC & Integration
  • eCommerce integration
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