Why fulfill from China

The physical location of your fulfillment provider is fundamental to the success or failure of your eCommerce business.

China-based warehousing and fulfillment has several advantages - some obvious, and some that most only learn by experience.

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eCommerce Fulfullment in China

There are several reasons to deploy your eCommerce fulfillment in China

If you manufacture in China

Over 50% of every product sold world-wide is made in China. If you're manufacturing in China, it makes sense to warehouse and dispatch from China.

  • Avoid import duties
    Import of your product, especially in bulk, to another country will likely be subject to duties and taxes. By warehousing and fulfilling in the country of manufacture, these costs are avoided. Likewise, depending on your product's value, final delivery to your customer will not be subject to import duties. SPNS can assist in predicting duty per region, and also can provide Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) or Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) services, to ensure your customers never get any unexpected surpises.
  • Minimise transport costs
    Bulk shipments, especially internationally, are expensive. SPNS' warehouses are located in Shenzhen, Dongguan - heart of China's manufacturing zone. Domestic transport is rapid and very economical.

If you dropship from China

Dropshipping can be a lucrative business - but your business is hostage to shipping and delivery delays imposed by the seller. China-based warehousing can provide several advantages to dropshipping companies:

  • Reduce delivery delays
    A buffer of your fast-moving stock can be kept in our warehouse, cost free, allowing for rapid delivery, customised packaging, and better customer experience.
  • Access new products
    Dropshipping sites often face tough competition as they are limited to the same products. Using our warehouse as drop-shipping buffer allows you to expand your product catalogue to include items traditionally not available for dropshipping. SPNS's two-month free storage means you can augment your SKUs and profits risk free.

Enjoy Government-Subsidised Shipping

China enjoys hugely subsidised shipping rates world-wide, thanks to the United Nations Universal Postal Union.
This international treaty means that shipping a product from China to the USA is cheaper than shipping the same product from the USA to China - even by the same shipper.

China has some of the lowest international shipping rates that exist.

With over 88% of online-shoppers preferring free-shipping and online bohemeths such as Amazon Prime providing free rapid shipping, it is vital to provide free or low-cost shipping.
If your warehousing is in China, this means you can easily provide free shipping to your customers without eating into your profit margins.

International Logistics Hub

Shenzhen is in the heart of Dongguan, China's manufacturing capital. As a major international logistics hub, and being geographically central in the world, it is the ideal location for international eCommerce fulfillment.

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