SPNS vs ShipWire
ShipWire was one of the first eCommerce fulfillment providers. Based out of the United States, ShipWire provides excellent integrations, a seamless backend experience and international warehousing.
These features come at a price - read on to see if ShipWire is the right choice for your company, or if it is worth seeking an alternative to Shipwire.

Feature Comparison

We compare key features of ShipWire and Send From China, to allow you to make an unbiased decision about which warehouse and logistics partner is right for you.

The key differentiator is that ShipWire is not focused on small business - they have an account minimum of 2,500 shipments per month.

Feature SPNS ShipWire
Operating Days 7 days per week 7 days per week
eCommerce fulfillment Yes Yes
Crowdfunding fulfillment Yes No
Processing Delay 1 hour Same day
Own Warehouse? Yes No
Warehouse locations China Hong Kong
Duty Paid Shipping? Yes Yes
Courier Follow-up Yes Yes
Customer Follow-up Yes No
Tailored Shipping Partners Yes Yes
Cross warehouse stock balancing No Yes
Management Portal Simple Advanced
Free Packaging Yes No
Free Warehousing Yes No

Pricing Comparison

ShipWire pricing information is not public: customers must have over 2,500 shipments per month to use ShipWire.

  SPNS ShipWire
Minimum Volume None 2,500 items / month
Signup Fee Free $500
Warehouse Fee Free Undisclosed
First Pick Fee $0.35 Undisclosed
Second Pick Fee $0.10 Undisclosed
Maximum Pick Fee $0.75 Undisclosed
Packaging Free Undisclosed


ShipWire is focused exclusively on high-volume clients that require multiple international warehouses

If you have high international monthly volume, ShipWire (and other international platforms) may be a more suitable fit for your business.
If you are running a small - mid level eCommerce business, SPNS is better suited to meet your needs

With that said, premium services don't have to come at a premium price. SPNS provides door-to-door parcel tracking and courier follow to minimise loss, and offers tailored shipping partners to suit your products - as part of its standard package.

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