Send From China, or SFC is one of the most popular eCommerce fulfillment providers with warehouses in mainland China. If you are looking for an alternative to SendFromChina read on.

Feature Comparison

We compare key features of SPNS and Send From China, to allow you to make an unbiased decision about which warehouse and logistics partner is right for you.
Feature SPNS SFC
Operating Days 7 days per week 6 days per week
Processing Delay 1 hour 6 hours
Own Warehouse? Yes Yes
Service Level Agreement Yes No
Courier Follow-up Yes No
Customer Follow-up Yes No
Supports products with batteries? Yes No
Tailored Shipping Partners Yes No
Online Interface Basic Medium
Free Packaging Yes No
Free Warehousing Yes No

SendFromChina's logistics partners do not accept products with batteries.

SendFromChina's backoffice system is complicated but usable.
SPNS has no backoffice, but provides trained support staff to assist with queries, and provide frequent reporting.

Pricing Comparison

SPNS and SendFromChina both own and operate their warehouses in China.
As such, their pricing models are very similar. SPNS edges ahead on a direct 1:1 price comparison, but out performs SendFromChina in service and support.
  SPNS SendFromChina
Signup Fee Free Free
Warehouse Fee Free $43.50 / m³ / month
First Pick Fee $0.35 $0.45
Second Pick Fee $0.10 $0.45
Maximum Pick Fee $0.75 No Maximum
Packaging Free $0.10

Client Testimonials

Fulfillment Case Study

Below is pricing comparision for SPNS vs SendFromChina, based off the latest pricing.

SPNS is 8% less expensive than SendFromChina, using similar delivery lines with better tracking.

Please note, SendFromChina is unable to send products with internal batteries.
If your products contain batteries, you will be unable to use SendFromChina's services.

  • 500 shipments of 2 SKUs
    • 250 shipments to USA
    • 150 shipments to France
    • 50 shipments to Australia
  • Total package weight: 100g
  • Package requires tracking
  • 10 parcels have an incorrect address (customer error)
  • 10 parcels are undeliverable
The following elements are included in the simulation:
  • ASN / Inbound Stock Cost
  • ANS / Inbound Stock Delays
  • Pick / Pack Costs
  • Pick / Pack Delay
  • Shipment Cost
  • Shipment Delay
  • Stocking / Warehousing Costs

  SPNS SendFromChina
Processing Costs
Inbound Processing Cost Free Free
SKU Cost Free $1.45 / SKU / month
Inbound Processing Delay < 24 hours 24 - 48 hours
Total Pick / Pack Fee $255 $225
Packaging Free $50 
Shipment Cost $960
Direct Line
Detailed Tracking
Non-Direct Line
Non-Detailed Tracking
Shipment Time 7 - 14 days 6 - 10 days
Direct-Line? Yes No
Detailed Tracking? Yes No
Shipment Cost $736.50
Direct Line
Detailed Tracking
Non-Direct Line
Non-Detailed Tracking
Shipment Time 5 - 14 days 6 - 10 days
Direct Line? Yes No
Detailed Tracking? Yes No
Shipment Cost $266.00
Direct Line
Detailed Tracking
Direct Line
Non-Detailed Tracking
Shipment Time 8 - 14 days 5 - 8 days
Direct Line? Yes No
Detailed Tracking Yes No
Problem Deliveries: Incorrect Address
Direct Customer Contact? Yes No
Delivery re-attempt? Yes No
Problem Deliveries: Undeliverable
Re-routable? Yes No
Warehousing Cost Free $43.49  / m³ / month
Total Cost $2,217.50 $2373.89
  • Total Cost
  • >8%
  • less expensive
  • than SendFromChina, with highly trained support staff and tailored shipping partners.