Crowdfunding: SPNS vs Floship

Below is a real-world case study of a crowdfunding campaign, comparing the quotation received from SPNS to that of Floship.

Floship is a Hong Kong based company that uses third party warehouses - which makes their service more expensive with less services.

Campaign Overview

The following case-study data is from the crowdfunding campaign of
All data, figures and quotations are real.
Product PocketSprite
World's smallest emulation console
Number of SKUs 3
Special Information Contains battery
Total backers 2573
Shipment Type Direct Line

Pricing Comparison

As a Hong Kong based company, Floship's operating overheads are significantly more expensive than China-based solutions.
SPNS Floship
SLA Yes No
Lost package management Yes No
Total Cost $11,074.46 $22,751.34
Download Quotation Download Quotation
  • Total Cost
  • >51%
  • less expensive
  • than Floship for crowdfunding fulfillment, with direct line shipping and detailed tracking