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Learn from the experts. Optimise your delivery times, reduce warehousing fees, simplify integration, manage your crowd-funding delivery, and remove package loss today.

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Strategically located in the manufacturing and shipping-hub of Shenzhen in Southern China, SPNS is perfectly positioned to efficiently handle Western eCommerce clients.

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SPNS Logistics LTD.
No.1 Bldg, Baoke Industrial Zone
Langkou, Longhua District, 518109,
Shenzhen, China
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Learning Resources

Picking the right fulfillment partner begins with making an informed decision. You need to understand what services are available and what is important for your company. Based off this information, you can than find the best priced logistics partner that meets your requirements.

We provide a knowledge base covering topics including introducing China logistics, how to pick an eCommerce or Crowdfunding partner, and even pricing and service comparisons between the most popular fulfillment providers.

Getting Started

Get up to speed with the fundamentals of China eCommerce fulfillment with the following articles:

Why fulfill in China?
China vs Hong Kong


Learn how picking the right fulfillment partner can build your company's reputation and save money.

China eCommerce fulfillment
China Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Case Studies

Looking for a China-based fulfillment solution, or looking for an alternative to your existing solution? Check out our detailed case studies:

SPNS vs Shipwire
SPNS vs SendFromChina
SPNS vs Floship
SPNS vs Zhenhub

What makes us different

In eCommerce, your reputation is determined by your fulfillment.

Slow shipping, unexpected import duties, damaged goods, incorrect picks and lost parcels translate to customer complaints, refunds and chargebacks. You need a fulfillment partner that cares as much about customer experience as you do.

Fulfillment is more than pushing packages out a warehouse - it's about ensuring prompt and perfect delivery, resolving problems, and delighting your customers.

Compare our core values to your current eCommerce fulfillment solution - and then send us an email to get started.

Self-run warehouses

If your fulfillment provider isn't running their own warehouse, at best you're paying too much - and at worst, you're risking your products and reputation.

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Personalised Shippers

Shipping partner selection should be provided by your fulfillment partner - not you - and should be tailored to your product without sacrificing cost or speed. If you've ever had to guess which shipper is best for your product, you'll love SPNS.

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Free Packaging

It's your warehouse's job to ensure your products are delivered without a scratch. We provide that free of charge. Need something custom? We can do that too.

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100% delivery guarantee

SPNS is the only eCommerce fulfillment partner that tracks each individual shipment to delivery. If there's a problem, we'll reach out to the shipper and customer directly until it's resolved.

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